Unofficial Necrodancer Custom Music Maker

This is an attempt to make custom songs easier for the great game Crypt of the Necrodancer

Drag n' drop your song HERE

And nowhere else, OK? I'm watching you.

How to use it

  • First you drag and drop the song in the box below
  • Once loaded, you pick a mode :
  • "Tap the beat"
    • Press "Record" and hit any key each time you want to record a beat
    • When you're done, press "Stop"
    • You can also press Enter while recording to stop
  • "Tempo-based"
    • Move the first cursor to change the tempo
    • Move the second cursor to change when the music begins
    • You can also type on the text fields next to the cursors
    • Press "Play" to preview
    • WARNING ! Playback seems to be really slow on Firefox, try with Chrome instead
  • Push the button Export to save the file and copy it along with the mp3 file to your custom_music folder
  • Do NOT run beatdown.exe, it would replace your newly made text file

Quick notes :

  • The music files are not sent to the server. Only the beats data does, to validate and generate the text file. I don't record them, 'cause I don't care.
  • The game is pretty forgiving about the rythm, so if you don't tap perfectly while recording, it should still be playable.

Why the hell did you make this?!

And why should I care?

This is a good question but you should feel ashamed questionning me like that. Who do you think you are? My mom?

I was trying a few video games stuff as custom music but a few songs had their beats messed up : beats only recognised on snare, weird stuff on varying tempo or rythm, etc.

Then I looked at the files generated by beatdown.exe and it was extremely simple to reproduce, as it was only lines with floats representing the time of the beats. One for each.

I started a simple script until I was able to play with one perticular song : "Final Fantasy X - Battle 1". Then I tried to make a nicer version with all the modern interwebs crap.

Happy ?

What's next?

There are a few things I want to add later:

  • Waiting for people to care about this tool
  • Draggable beats along the track
  • Select frame of the track to record


2014-05-06 : Added tempo-based mode and a countdown on tapping mode

2014-05-04 : Corrected small bug exporting on Firefox

2014-05-03 : First release